What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About


Jerry @ the Men of Grit blog give a hard to describe piece on experiencing God. You will have to read it yourself. It is a deep and worthwhile article.




Additional Reading:

I enjoyed this article. Its poked holes in ideas that feminist(s) out forward. The one thing that I put forth in addition to what WK presented was the idea that some feminists might be choosing to be unhappy. Please read and process it yourselves.





  A collection of men with integrity speak about fatherhood. I can vouch for all of them when I say that this is an eventful discussion. Enjoy and learn.



Additional Listening:

 Charlie Delto gives us the second part to his original White Privilege podcast. Feel free to wake up against the Woke.




When you fight a war, you have to know when you have won or winning. I learned this myself. I noticed that I was going through motions alone and I had no one shooting back.


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