Silence Among Those That Shouldn’t

Silence is sometimes  better than speech, and speech sometimes than silence—-Euripides

I had struggled to find a topic but it hit me all of a sudden. I was blessed to hear a few coworkers jammering about odd and assorted things. It was music to my ears.

I was trying to bust up some concrete and I welcomed the break. Often, I loathe having a bunch of “randos” show up. People find a way to breathe down your neck when you are trying to get sh*t done. (Never mind, I use to have run ins with a few admin types that were stereotypical snitches that would say pleasantries to you when they automatically knew they were going to rat on you). This day was a little different.

I was able to crack a joke or two with one of the guys that came down to check on a torn up wire bundle that got jacked up by a backhoe. (Safety be damned, I was not too far away from there). Jokes were a relief.

I often have these less than pleasant experiences with fake ass wannabe John Wayne redneck types. (I always call them “Clint”). Clints make a day long. They are the type that make you beg the clock to roll by faster. They dont say shit and they would rather you fall asleep. When you do say anything; they stare and dont say anything, outside of a terse one word answer. They couldnt be bribed to read a syrup bottle for words to use.

I dont expect everyone to be a walking thesaurus but it is good to hear someone crack a joke. With the sun on my face, obligatorial cows in the field, work goes by when someone is telling a tale or cracking a joke.

Be the person to say something, silence is good when it comes to idiots and the ladies.

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