The Distraction of Pardons

Taken from La Rochefoucauld’s “Maxims”:

“The clemency of pardons is often nothing but policy to gain popular affection”

Tired from dragging a derelict vehicle a thousand or so miles down the road; I was blessed in that I had wrote notes to myself to help me put a posting up.

Ever since I had been a teenager, I notice when the president or our governor issues pardons. I’m not as thrilled as others are.

I have a few insights into the pardon process. I am starting to think that only morons fall for the jive ass hustle known as the pardon system. It only serves to pander to a few people and “debatably” as an ego stroke.

(The vast majority of us could think of a few people that could have sentences commuted or even a few vigilantes that could have been set free, especially now that we have assholes galore on the streets).

I think that the vast majority of pardons announced are just distractions. It is the kind of “Mickey Mouse” crap that is announced when there aren’t enough feel good stories or back patting school visits.

On occasion, you see someone announce a pardon where it is actually beneficial to the leader doing it. (Heck, I know where my bread is buttered too). If you could have someone deliver a state or a voting block to your party/cause; I imagine you would feel a little tempted.

I wish we could just be upfront and tell folks that we were wasting time doing it. I wish you could just tell people that you are setting someone free because it benefits you.

I had seen a few people that could have been set free but because of a few screw ups in the past, (crime spree on release, etc), leaders are loathed to do so.

Don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes and tell you that pardons aren’t a hustle of sorts.

Lyndie England, Billy Mitchell, and James Barron could make this argument.

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