What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About


Chris D @ The Strong Male talks about fear and why you should be controlling it. It is very insightful and should help set us in the right direction.


Additional Reading:

Anthony M @ Peaceful Fathers talks about compassion. Many people fail at it and forget that they were kids once. Although this focuses on



 Charlie Delto talks further about privilege and the ramifications of changing definitions.


Additional Listening:

Eric and Craig @ Hooks and Runs talk about the risks in having certain sports this season due to Covid-19. They finish off the podcast talking about their favorite summer books.



Many are concerned that there are a cross section of people choosing to be miserable in a time where life could be great. There is fear that the miserable will be a contagion when they get near the “Golden Years”. I was trying to avoid an Iron Maiden reference but I find it a necessity now.


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