Leaving The Proverbial Plantation

It was some random talk show or a even a comedian had talked about black voters “leaving the plantation”. Of course, this was in regards to getting them to leave supporting the Democratic Party (in the United States). The saying seemed to stick in the back of my mind, but not for political reasons. The thing that pissed me off was that the plantation actually applies to most races and groupings of people.


In previous places I have worked, we had people give into vices. Not something that brings some element of joy in your life like a hobby or a calling of sorts. I knew of people that slaved away on the Christmas Evening shift just so they could pay their bills, even when they made enough money to live a decent life. They were slaves to what other “Redneck Millionaires” thought. They lived in a house 3(x) times of what they really needed. They bought equipment that couldn’t make them money, conveniently parked next to a brand new War Eagle bass boat that they will replace before they can completely pay it off. A few sports cars try to fill the emptiness that they had adopted.


These people were a slave of sorts to a consumerist master. It was easier to buy things and not listen to shit marketing (and equally as bad entertainment programming). They flex the magic imaginary in front of other stupid, moronic people. They compete with non-competitive people. It is easier to enjoy cheap dopamine hits and waste their brains away. People live their lives this way. They mourn the lost time that they couldn’t spend with loved ones. Then when they should be enjoying their years, they pay for it with injuries and regret.


I was blessed to have been kicked off that plantation. I do my best to not adopt another. I see others doing a bit of the same but I still fight on. Cultural malaise is a proverbial plantation. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, etc.; you can make better choices and not give in to the rat race.


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