Military Personnel and Common Modern Patriotic Songs


I imagine that I’m not the only veteran that gets sick when he watches FoxNews. It isn’t Tucker “UnCucked” Carlson or some of their human interest pieces. I generally get sick of news outlets and “rear echelon” patriot types shoving their form of “ra ra ra” love of America in our faces. (This is especially true of the types of people that use a love of military personnel and supposed support of veterans for advertising purposes). But my loathing extends to most modern patriotic songs.


People forget that I love my country (or specifically the people in it). But I can’t hide my disdain for patriotic music. I haven’t hid my disdain for Lee Greenwood. (I can’t separate the idea of taking a hardship deferment to avoid service when I had family members voluntarily serve in the military as single parents. I put together the conjecture that he couldn’t be bothered to serve, just like Ted Nugent). Apparently I am not the only person that doesn’t like patriotic music.


I had been reading Evan Wright’s Generation Kill, this is a hard segue but hold on. He talked about the Marines of 1st Recon when they were in Iraq “dropping plates” on Saddam Hussein. But the most memorable was a mention of the Marines having a rule against both country music and “cheesy patriotic bullshit”. The song mentioned that triggered the rule against “the Special Olympics of music” was I’m Proud To Be An American. One of the Marines specifically mentioned that Aaron Tippin’s Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagles Fly”, he boomeranged into a critique of the song mentioning that eagles fly in Canada too. Another Marine said that this song was “straight homosexual country music, Special Olympics gay”. I may not use the same type of wording to describe my disdain for them but military members that saw real action, (and not drug ops), are the people that verbalized it.


You aren’t wrong for shedding a tear when you hear them. I haven’t felt that way since I was a little kid. I stand when people at my old church ask to recognize military veterans. I sing the Navy hymn and I think not much of it. But I have been told my many veterans that most modern patriotism is for everyone else. My time was an adventure and I feel that I tried to do my part. I just don’t feel that tug. There aren’t that many songs made these days that I could stomach, minus Team America’s America F*ck Yeah! (Just kidding, …warning … video has questionable language). Thank you for supporting service members and veterans.

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3 Responses to Military Personnel and Common Modern Patriotic Songs

  1. Amen! Pardon the pun, but you’re “singing the song of my people”.

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  2. Gunner Q says:

    It has become rather entertaining to watch a Cuckservative thank a veteran for his service. The vet’s face goes wooden and I can hear him think “this poor civvie bastard doesn’t realize I work a useless office job but explaining the truth would make him cry”.


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