The Source of Ultimate “Love”

Don’t worry, this isn’t a rip off of some non-denominational pastor, who intentionally wants to give you some misguided/dreamed up advice. It is a reminder of things that you should know.


  • When you get “stood up” on a date, you never leave alone. If you can’t find another chick to leave with; you leave with yourself. You should always have other things to do. You are a man of substance and live an active life. Call someone else, hit the gym, but don’t be upset.


  • When you get turned down for a date, sex, or a number; be thankful. You are being freed up to do what you really are supposed to be doing. The person you should be having sex with isn’t them, it is obviously someone else. Be thankful that your time isn’t being wasted.


  • No one can love you like you. They can’t love you until you love yourself. You are the initiator of the process.


  • You have no reason to be nervous. The women you desire to be with see someone different in the mirror than you see with your eyes. They have their own unique worries and concerns. Have it in your mind that you want to have a good time while they have a good time.


  • You will screw up. Errors should be learned from. You will find your stride when you are “doing” and setting things in motion. Don’t collect your screwups in your mind. Every new woman is a new opportunity. There are only a few million to pick from.


  • Live a life of quality and be a quality person. Have fun and be fun.


  • Feel free to communicate with authority. Speak well and mean it. Feel free to be clear of what you want.


I imagine that there are plenty of things I missed but you missed the source you were looking for. It is you. You are the starting point. The ultimate love is within you. (Special thanks to our friend “Rob” at




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