Lessons From The Sinking of The Rainbow Warrior

July 10th, 1985 wasn’t an eventful day for me. But this day was eventful for many people in New Zealand and it was eventful for a photographer that lost his life when the Rainbow Warrior sunk.


The smart people among us that don’t have any memory of this won’t know how important this event was. It gave us a few key lessons.


For the many that don’t know, two members of the French secret service placed limpet mines in the bottom of the ship, causing the ship to sink in the harbor (Auckland, NZ).  Fernando Pereira, a photographer, ended up losing his life. It was reported that the bombing was in response of Greenpeace’s protestation of France’s nuclear testing.


I read about this story and it stuck in my “craw”. Someone said to me that “you should consider the ramifications of your actions, before you undertake a major decision”.  This is something I failed to do in the past.


I found myself being labeled a “psycho” after I acted out on a whim. People still remember some of the stupid things I had done. I failed to show any level of leadership, especially by example.


The leaders of France’s government erred greatly when they committed what could be argued as an example of government sponsored terrorism. They failed to see how this might look bad. The French also failed to see how it might make them look in the eyes of New Zealand’s government and people. (It took a few years for things to stabilize).


It is more than being caught. It is the idea that you weigh your options and steer away from the decisions that are detestable, even when you don’t get caught.


On an ironic note; the bombing was a part of Opération Satanique. Don’t let the hasty and ill advised decisions become your own “Operation Satanique”.



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