What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About


Nathan @ Barbarian Rhetoric talks about wasting time and identifying things that don’t do so. It is very meaningful and gives us a framework to become better people.



Additional Reading:

David F.A. (through the Barbarian Rhetoric website) talks about honor, specifically the honor system. This is a huge component for men and for brotherhood.




 Zac Small from the Leadership and Action podcast brings on Dean Abbott to talk about “ways to change your life and go from observing successful lives, to living one by creating your own success and happiness”.


Additional Listening:

Jon Rennie @ Deep Leadership talks with Fred Stuvek, former Naval Academy quarterback and current author. They got together to “discuss why so many people miss out on achieving their goals”.




I am concerned that instead of enjoying their lives, many people choose to jump on the next big thing or movement. Many of these people will not move forward but age into a lack of support and no community. Finding themselves unhappy altogether.


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    Thank you for the mention.

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