The Call For Action Called Me For Other Reasons

Rage Against The Machine once told me “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me”. I knew their band as a kick ass set of musicians. I knew their lyrics and passion, but I did not pick up their call to action. I didn’t care anything about anyone in East LA or anyone in Chiapas. I was a middle class “H*nkey American” kid trying to rock out. I didn’t answer their call for action. I had never jumped at the possibility of being a revolutionary, not even one of the distracting neo Marxists in the streets.


On the other side of the spectrum, I never fell in love with the grind of the drug war. (Even though a few misguided lifers told me that this was the best I was going to find). I trained to do other things and I didn’t get to do them often. Many around me blindly thought that they were benefiting the United States by wasting taxpayers money. I had been chastised that cynics and free thinkers were hampering the efforts of real patriots. Once again, to the chagrin of the blind white knights among me, I did not answer the call for action. You people do more in your communities than the military can to stop the “marching powder menace”. (I never swore fealty to the Lord of the Knobs, George W. Bush. I found that work to be a fruitless crusade).


Although I was raised in the church and had much of my life intertwined with it; I did not answer the call for the Lord’s action. (I was handpicked by a member of clergy to join the seminary, never mind my lack of savvy in the scriptures). I had seen people use religion to make others lower than them and to justify sinful behaviors, even teaming up with the poison leftists to hurt the existence of men. Outside of my church, I saw the predominate “Fort God” religion become a backward fundamentalist movement, ruining the concepts of sexual congress and intersexual interactions by spouting the purity movement. I chose to buck it all and ignored the call of both.


I had seen the countless opportunities to answer the cause de jours that pop up. I could spend my life doing pointless activities or I could just watch the stupidity in action. I chose to not waste my time and focus on what I needed to to make me whole. Not some call to action.


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