Kiss For Effect

In the military, there is a term called “fire for effect”. Using the best terms I could put together, artillery or gun fire support saturates a target area with rounds. My purpose in this article wasn’t to discuss military tactics but to steal a military term and and use it; modified for cultural purpose.

Yes, as the title reads, I’m presenting to you the idea of kissing for effect. Its not showering kisses around and hoping they make a statement. My purpose is to tell guys that they shouldn’t be stupid with affection. Affection should have a purpose.

Contrary to the advice of a handful off men, I believe that there is a “minimum” level of affection needed. I don’t believe in “starvation” as an absolute punishment, unless it is your purpose to “starve” a relationship into a certain death.

Closer to the inverse, although it often comes at a level of pain, a man (or heck, a woman), should kiss with purpose and passion. (Before the Covid-19 fiasco, I remember kissing someone close to me hello at one time). Beyond the concept of cheesy/unrealistic entertainment, one should have some element of “heart” behind their kisses.

If you haven’t deducted already from my previous mentions of disdain for anything romance, I don’t like the ways that kissing is portrayed in movies but I agree on one thing. I think that a kiss not delivered with a degree of boldness is often poorly received. The receiver can sense reluctance and subsequently miscontrue its intentions. I don’t believe in “shot in the dark” kisses. When it comes to passion, the bolder the better.

Reluctance in body language and mindset makes kissing a pointless endeavor. It makes the receiver uneasy and presents the giver in an unkind light. A crappy kiss or one done without confidence will often stain the interaction and most likely embed in the receiver’s “internal memory”.

The parallels between artillery and your personal life should be clarified. Rounds, like kisses, are better sent with the appropriate effort and delivery. One shouldn’t waste effort in love and war. Make your efforts worthwhile and don’t waste your time.



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