FreeMatt in Review: 7-25 to 7-31

We are still on the clock. Increase your efforts where warranted, the  Sh*tbergs are on the ropes. Often, they are strangling themselves. Until then, enjoy this week’s FreeMatt in Review.


The Call For Action Called Me For Other Reasons

There are causes that many people have caught on to and I never did. I decided to do what really mattered.


FreeMatt’s Take On A Modern Man’s Question

 Leaning in for a picture or not leaning in is a narrow focus for a man. There are more important things that you could be worrying about. There are better behaviors we should adopt.


The Matters W/ Matt: 3rd Degree Burns Shy You Away From Flames

 A woman is given bad advice by others while yours truly would rather give her some honesty. Once again, my brutal advice column takes over where others have failed.


Worst Day of Your Life Stories

A great lesson sits in experiencing the worst day of your life. You get over it and look forward to doing better 24 hours later.


Kiss For Effect

Artillery, like affection, should never be used purposely. I encourage men to kiss only with purpose, or for effect. Learn more in this airport inspired posting.


Be thankful when Karen or Greg aren’t terrorizing airports or stores. Be courteous when possible. Enjoy your week.



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