A Hedonist Taught Me To Enjoy Again

It started with my sense of smell. My sense of smell had been deteriorated from grinding heavy element rust doing preparation projects on the ship I was stationed on. Subsequent meals often lacked taste, most notable was a steak that seemed completely bland and felt like my tongue was touching a flavorless piece of desiccated beef jerky.

In the present day world; I often do intermittent fasting. I don’t get extremely hungry throughout the day. The stomach may rumble but I don’t get the blood sugar issues that many other “Appalachian-Americans” get. (I don’t eat honey buns and drink sugar infused crack monkey drinks).

I have had people describe me as someone that doesn’t have fun in life and seems to enjoy punishing myself. (I fast as dietary control and I follow low carb/keto protocols). I have told people why I have this outlook due to my destructive past. I enjoyed biscuits, cake, and scotch in the wrong amounts. I don’t do it like that anymore.

Fast forward to this last week; I had been fasting while on my trip to the Deseret/Beehive State. Good weather, drinking water and taking care of myself. I hit the weekend and for some reason I was starving. I was hesitant to text/make a phone call to meet up with someone I knew of. Part starvation, part logistics.

Long story short; I jumped at it and we met at a local restaurant. There were a ton of delicious sounding meals. All times of the day, big portions. I ordered something big and named ridiculously. When the food came, I dang near ate it within a few minutes. I had a great conversation with someone I could call “The Hedonist”.

He identified with living an enjoyable life. He had mentioned that he likes the physical aspects of life. It sounded like he liked having fun.

It didn’t hit me right away, outside of the idea of liking women and women’s nature, many of the things that he mentioned. I had missed one.

I enjoyed my meal. It tasted great. I had forgotten that I could enjoy myself. I had been a little dark as of lately. I had quit drinking and I don’t ride the Oscar (oxycontin) train. But the pleasurable things had slipped by me.



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4 Responses to A Hedonist Taught Me To Enjoy Again

  1. Rob Says says:

    That hedonist guy sounds like a pretty cool cat. I’m glad you got to talk to him and find your taste buds again. 🙂

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