FreeMatt in Review: 8-1 to 8-7

Heart disease and cancer are killing more people than Covid-19. I am waiting for a quarantine for them too. Until then, enjoy this week’s FreeMatt in Review.


A Hedonist Taught Me To Enjoy Again

We are not designed to be joyless and bland creatures. I had caught myself becoming one. After having a portion of my sense of smell diminished, a friend taught me how to enjoy something small, like a great meal.


Hidden Benefit of An Attempted Assassination

 This day in history shows us that attempted and failed assassinations benefit the target often. Further stamping down opposition and boosting the morale of supporters are two of many results.


The Matters w/ Matt: Men As Accessories

 A guy is looking to get married but his fiancee’ has a few restrictions. Too jump or not to jump is the question. Once again, my brutal advice column takes over where others have failed.


The Waitress and The Asshole

The old me would have been a sucker for a cute face and sassy demeanor. The new me gives you enough rope to hang yourself. I was vindicated when I met “The Waitress”.



Strategies for Dealing With The Extremists Among “US”

Burying your head in the sand won’t make the extremists among us disappear. We need to be dealing with them, not with old, idiotic ideas but with intelligent ones coupled with the appropriate amount of force. Learn more in this posting.


The sun is shining, make hay. When the media and consumer element wants you to be miserable, be content. (Be enlightened?) Enjoy your week.

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