Team Tomi Lahren vs Team Man

Team Tomi, mascot The Herd. Using a basketball analogy, Tomi and the Herd started the game at 30 points up. Tomi was doing the bare minimum on defense, stealing the ball on occasion but not putting up real screens or meaningful strategy. She and the other first round draft picks put up boards by sheer default of their much maligned Thotiana uniforms and the other team’s naivete.


The further they got in the game, the smarter the other team got. The Herd subs out players when their players get out of the game but there isn’t anyone left on the bench. The main players might have gotten sick of the game or found it more advantageous to run off in the crowd.


Team Tomi and The Herd hustle but they are down by 5 in the start of the second part of the half. Team Man subbed out the players that they thought were great. The starters went on to better things or even finding peace.


We now look at Tomi Lahren in a non-sports lens. What she has been saying of lately with her ill speak about the boys in her life is that she is overtly screaming that she was getting out hustled.


She is feigning innocence. She was a “Thotiana” who replaced an aged out Thotiana. She is a pretty face who doesn’t bring a lot to the table. Her shtick is used by a faux conservative outfit doubling as an entertainment outlet.


The thirst bots that pay the bills are waning. Lord willing, we will see a dynamic of change where men focus on what really matters in their lives instead of watching this shit.


Tomi gambles that she is going to hit it big with a Congressional staffer or someone else “up to snuff”. She, (and a few other liberals in conservative clothing) took the feminist life plan to heart.


I would be cautious, men of means, for Tomi and her ilk will never be happy. Your nuptials will not be joining of souls but a part of a business plan. (Joining of wallets and debts?)


Be thankful she gave you a warning now. In 14 years, it easily could be worse.

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4 Responses to Team Tomi Lahren vs Team Man

  1. Lexet Blog says:

    She’s about 5 years past expiration date.

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  2. Gunner Q says:

    Sports analogies make everything easier to understand. Her error was spending the draft trying to defeat the men picking players instead of presenting herself as a Round 1 pick!

    Now it’s time to play the game of family life, Tomi! Uh-oh, you didn’t sign a contract. You don’t have a team to play for. You kept playing one recruiter off another until they quit. You called it victory, then the cleaning staff handed you a mop, now you demand oooone laaaast contract, the biggest contract yet, which you would sign while sucking eggs at losing so badly that somebody was going to force you to actually play the game.

    It doesn’t matter how hot a player you are if you keep demanding retainers without ever submitting to a coach.

    Goodbye, National Family League. Hello, My Life Blows-ball!


  3. jyvurentropy says:

    She thinks all men are trash, because she only notices the trash men. She really needs to be taking a look at the types of men she gravitates to. I’ve never found any shortage of decent, respectful men out there. There’s loads of them.

    The decent men are invisible to her. Most women have a bad boy, jerk fetish. Then surprised Pikachu when then jerks they pick act like jerks.

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