Where The Navy Dropped The Ball On Prostitution

When it comes to the habit of calling prostitution “the world’s oldest profession”, I happen to agree. I no longer jokingly tell people that you pay for it one way or another. In my home country, we have soft prostitution, phone sex operations, pornography, and user experience entertainment like Only Fans, etc. We may have frowned on old fashion street walking, but we have substitutes. Years ago, we had escorts and the “hobby community”. The outlying communities in Nevada were an old idea. Your head may be buried in the sand and your protestant sensibilities prevent it, but it doesn’t stop prostitution from existing.

               Way before I joined the US Navy, I had been indoctrinated by feminist leaning folks and hen-pecked evangelicals. I had heard the same old broken “mantras” meant to brainwash: “THAT IS SOMEONE’S DAUGHTER!!!”, “Clearly, they aren’t real women”, etc. The same divorced or unhappily married people would bad mouth something they had no experience with. I had already mentioned that these same delusional folks promised that sex would come to every good Christian man that gets married and plays the game. But they failed miserably at all of this. Feeling that they were entitled to a man’s sexual energy but not providing for the decrease in sexual supply.

               I left the unseen murky world and got to see the rest of the world. I learned a lot about myself and men. The “church” hid a lot from men. Especially the fact that women and sex are great. But further problems came out of a change of environment.

               Contrary to what crappy entertainment tells you, women aren’t flocking to sailors. At least the kind I would want to keep around. The supply of sexual partners were always low. Some of them wanted a semblance of a relationship, which was impossible, considering my ship was always on the move. My logistics sucked. (Never mind I had no concept of game, which is something that hadn’t made it to where I originally lived). Coupled with anxiety, it didn’t really happen.

               On my first deployment, I had to learn to get past my anxiety. Strange places and different people. And one of my favorite things, women. The kind with exaggerated hourglass figures. Derrieres. The kind that I was told that weren’t real. I enjoyed looking at them. Gyration, moving, wiggle, sashay. Things that the post European women didn’t have in them. The chicks were a blast.

               Most guys loved partying and having a good time. They liked the flirty women with wonderful facial expressions. The music and the bodies. The irony is that the women were a mix of moonlighters, party women, and full-time prostitutes. A large portion of the women liked the hunt too, but it was ultimately to part you from their money. (I didn’t hate the game or the player). Before the Department of Defense banned it, many guys paid for sex. I didn’t badmouth it.

               I never got into it. I never believed in paying for sex although I learned years later that most men pay in one way or another. This is something that the delusional yet well meaning among us never tell us.

               If you fast forward to a few years after I left the Navy, the military put the kibosh on “paying for p*ssy”. There had been a few post ban scandals like the Fat Leonard affair, Bahrain human trafficking incidents, and various command issues involving hiring of prostitutes.

               My purpose in writing this article today wasn’t to extol virtues of prostitution or condemn it but to tell you that the current military leadership, tied up with delusional governmental personnel, are in the wrong. It isn’t that they are wrong to discourage human trafficking or denying someone the fruits of their labors. The foul is that they are pushing no solutions. They have created a disease of their own stupidity.

               The sailors and marines have been warned about flapping their operational secrets to these women. They had been warned about the tell-tale signs of women being trafficked. People in positions of power don’t understand what is in play.

               The vast majority of these men are expected to abbreviate their lives. These men that are virile. They have a healthy appetite for the good things in life. Many even desire this within the frame of a relationship. But this is damn near impossible in the military and even harder when you are in certain places overseas. (It is especially hard for the religious observers that want to be chaste and pure, waiting for the mother of their children). They want to have sex and enjoy it. I used to deal with a decent amount of military induced stress by “screwing like a rabid weasel”. It was a fun recreational activity. Many men felt the same way I felt. And in our words; “p*ssy” made the weekend.

               I think that the current leaders are pushing the idea that sailors/personnel that use pornography, habits of infidelity, and social media are at risk of vice. These leaders tell their juniors that it will risk their careers. But their greatest error is that they don’t present any real options.

               Do they plan on supplying women? Do they honestly expect that standard recreational opportunities will alleviate stress like p*ssy and drinking does? We had been through this before. Leadership, just like the religious among me, like to talk a good word. But never present a real alternative. Volleyball and prayer doesn’t compete.

               It is unfortunate that the traditional ideas don’t work here. I was evidence of this. The church going folks didn’t want their daughters marrying sailors. They didn’t, for the most part, take them in. You cant be surprised that after all of the laborious days, that men want sex. My ears are open. But I imagine that I will hear the wind blow.




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  1. I knew an ex US military guy who did a stint in Subic Bay in the 80s. Apparently the officers’ mess hall had gogo girls.

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