FreeMatt in Review: 8-17 to 8-21

When society lets you outkick your coverage, you end up responsible. Until then, enjoy this week’s FreeMatt in Review. (Special thanks to the rare body shot in boxing).

A Punk Like That Is Piss In The Wind

Don’t be the punk in other people’s lives. I share a story of how not to be the punk that Pantera talked about in their song; Piss. Don’t worry; we got better.

Sad Story From Two Decades Ago

 Once again, you don’t need to give unsolicited advice. I share a story where this idea came to fruition. Like spreading seeds into the wind.

The Matters W/ Matt: Unwanted Two Cents

A conceited snob writes in to complain about how someone else is earning their check. Don’t find a selfish reason to not like someone, especially after you decided that they were worth four dates. Read the rest of a scathing list of advice not given in this latest Matters w/ Matt.

Where The Navy Dropped The Ball On Prostitution

A few scandals regarding prostitutes helped wreck prostitution for sailors but our Navy’s greatest screw up is to come: what to do with all of their pent up energy? (Our societal fabric doth not provide). Find out more in this interesting piece

How To Lose Acquaintances and Make People Forget You

Dale Carnegie, in his work How To Win Friends & Influence People,  tries to give us actionable advice to live a great life. I share with you why this doesn’t work in this time and age. You can learn more in my scathing post.

Alright folks, it is time to start a new week. Don’t kill anybody. Pay your bills. If you still have a VHS tape, rewind it like someone else wants to watch it. Have a great life

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