What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About


 Our brother Craig James is celebrating Masculine by Design’s huge milestone (3.5 years) by highlighting some of his best posts. Feel free to enjoy and learn.



Robert “The Duke” Fedoruk talks about staffing agency issues and he reminds you to “know your worth, don’t get exploited”.

Additional Reading:

Our friends at the Barbarian Rhetoric have a collection called Bards Corner, that highlights many great articles, books, and podcasts worth reading. It will give you a font of great reads.


Additional Listening:

Hunter Drew @ The Family Alpha asks us the question: If nobody stands watch, who keeps evil at bay? He reminds us that “we need to support the thin blue line, cops aren’t bad”.


The desperate among you are the first to jump, letting people undervalue you. It hurts others too. Don’t get hasty and be honest with people when they don’t know the pulse of a community. Verbalize and don’t be shy, this is day 1 of the rest of your life.


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2 Responses to What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About

  1. staffing agency issues and he reminds you to “know your worth, don’t get exploited”

    When I got laid-off from my IT training job during the tech crunch of 2001, I started taking temp jobs through multiple agencies. I had been making over $30/hr with decent benefits as an FTE, but most of these temp jobs were going for $12-$15/hour, sometimes for fairly complicated work. I got a call early in the year from a big defense contractor (DC) that was going to staff a quasi-government project for 1-2 years and I was quoted $25/hr. I went and interviewed with the manager I’d be working for in town and he told me I had the job (he was hiring 4 people), but we wasn’t sure when it would start. Hopefully in a couple of weeks. I get through the background check and drug test without issues, so I’m good to go ASAP.

    Two months go by and I do some several small jobs and even turn down a $20/hr FTE because it was going to be second shift downtown. (fuck downtown) Every week the girl from the DC staffing agency been calling me to make sure I’m available. I say yes, currently, but I’m looking for FTE so things could change. She always begs me to be hold out another week, since I’m the client’s first pick, and she’s sure they’ll start very soon.

    Finally she calls one morning and tells me that they’ll be starting on Monday and I’m to show up at the local client manager’s office at 0800. Pay will be $25/hour and I can get some health benefits if I want to pay for them. I am relived to hear it and say I’ll be there on Monday.

    About 2 hours later she calls me back and hesitantly says there’s been a mistake “somewhere” and the pay will actually be $15/hr. I am silent long enough that she asks if I’m still there. I say, in a flat tone, “Yes.” She’s terribly sorry about the error, but she wants to make sure I’ll still be there on Monday, since the other people won’t be available for at least another week. I don’t have anything else to do, so I just say yes, I’ll be there, again in a very flat tone and hang up.

    On Monday I go to the office and get started. I get along very well with the manager and we eat lunch together everyday that week. On Friday he asks me how things are going, and I say fine. He glad, because I do good work and don’t have to have things explained to me. He wants to ask me something, confidentially, and I say sure. He tells me that yes, I was his first pick, but the others guys coming next week were way down the list, like fifth and sixth, and that he couldn’t even find anybody he wanted out of the pool the DC had sent him for the 4th spot. Do I have any ideas on why the other “better candidates” turned the job down right before it started? So I tell him, without using the actual numbers, that the DC was telling people the job paid X for months and then telling them the job 60% of X the Friday before it starts.

    He says, “Ouch.”, and asks if I’ll be willing to at least stay long enough to help train the other guys, as he’s sure I’ll be able to find something else pretty soon, and he even asks if want to maybe apply for an FTE in their system. He’s a good guy, and we still email each other occasionally. I stay on for a couple of months and then find another FTE which I do for about a year or so before going back to school.

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    • I had a somewhat similar experience but the dc offered below (as a subcontractor) what I would be making in a few months in a contractor position I was at. The bennies were mickey mouse and it was evident that they thought they were going to make money in some rinkydink crap. (They were short handed due to their gross oversight into the local skilled labor market.) No, they didnt get that many techs for the job, either.

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