Nick Sandmann’s No Apologies Given

One should be hesitant to parrot what is being splashed around news sites. I personally believe that the vast majority of news reports have nothing to do with the news but are often put forth to push a narrative or make people emotional. Sad indeed. But I actually gleamed an important lesson from a manufactured news event; often you are better off not apologizing.

I find it ironic that shitty news outlets like CNN and the Washington Post pushed a generated “news opinion” that could be debunked with little effort instead of a more neutral position. Yes, I am talking about the Covington Catholic incident (that didn’t happen). The thing that stuck with me the most is the immediate diocese statement apologizing and condemning the students, only after a short period afterward.

I have personally have seen parties pushing people to apologize for perceived slights and exaggerated claims of “crimes”. Yes, especially after jumping the gun and not letting people an opportunity to catch their breath. Some of this is due to the 24 hr news cycle and everyone pushing dirty laundry. Even after the truth came out, the people that were quick to yell for someone’s head. Instead of a retraction or an apology, their remarks were buried.

I see it as a sign of our times. Someone wants to slam you for dramatic effect. It makes them feel good and it makes their editor happy. But it presents stupidity.

The dumbest thing is that everyone wants you to grovel and apologize. It wont save your job but it means that you can find a job a few years down the road after they have forgot about you. Ask any sports commentator or news personality. It takes a while to forget.

I also don’t think that there is a reason to apologize for other people having thin skin. Mike Milbury was a great example of this. He said some weird things that might have been commonplace in movies and media of the past. But he was telling the truth that many professional athletes get distracted by women and that team members don’t have an excuse lately. The pc assholes that run everything will find a reason to get mad and they came for Mike.

Here is my tip for the future: Some of us are going to have to bleed for things to change to a world where we can live in again. It will take more people speaking their mind and people not apologizing for it. (Standards of decency, including misquoting and “common sense” of what we knew before this modern day applies).

(I didn’t apologize when I knew certain things were going to happen in life. I have actually told people that there weren’t going to get one. I don’t take it lightly. I apologize when I have made an error or when I feel like I have actually wronged someone).

Stop apologizing for the wrong reasons. Don’t be sorry when you aren’t. Don’t feed the assholes. Get on with your life.

I’m not sorry about this, either.


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