You Can Lead A Horse to Water, But You Can’t Make Him Give A Shit

Loathe to type out a posting about seeing awful choices and loving the fact that none of them are great, I decided to resurrect a posting I had written notes about.  I am hoping you might get a light chuckle, and for our younger readers, a life’s lesson.

               I had started on a project that had been kicked down the road for a while. It is not that this project would bring world peace or even help someone else, the contrary was true. What I was doing would baffle the vast majority of folks around me that would rather ogle Instagram models or street rod magazines. I was cutting pieces of bamboo for the I Ching book I had purchased and lost many moons ago. (For the less than initiated, The I Ching serves as a consultative manual when you are making decisions. It is not sorcery or fortune telling, contrary to what many CoC, Southern Baptists, and Pentecostals say).

               Things were slow at work. I had run many errands the other day. There wasn’t any maintenance to tend to and no outside workplaces needed my astute humor and gnarled hands. I had taken an hour or so to trim bamboo sticks. It made a mess. My neighboring co-worker from a nearby cubicle, who is commonly called “Bag of D*cks”, stopped by.

BoD asks me “what are you working on”. I tell show him the I Ching book. He asks me “is this some type of Eastern thing?’. I hand him the book. BoD has this puzzled look on his face as he turns open the front cover. He didn’t seem like he wanted to put any effort into understanding anything I was doing. He handed the book back to me and said “Oh!’, right before he walked away.

There are always lessons in everyday interactions. I learned to not get offended. You can’t make someone make a feeble attempt at attaining a minor level of understanding.

I didn’t even try to. When it comes to people like that, you just let them go. They will just waste your time.

As the title said: You Can Lead A Horse to Water, But You Can’t Make Him Give A Shit.


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