FreeMatt in Review: 8-24 to 8-29

Im not hateful but I hate watching a pregnant woman “work” on a derelict house on a renovation tv show. Special thanks to the shibari community for making us feel “supported”. Until then, enjoy this week’s FreeMatt in Review.

You Can Lead A Horse to Water, But You Can’t Make Him Give A Shit

Don’t put in a lot effort explaining things to proven idiots. Let them do the work, don’t spend the energy yelling at a trashcan.

The Matters w/ Matt: Can’t Have What Isn’t Yours

 Once you lose passion, you will never feel the same. I share a story where a young lady hates the fact that her male friend, once spurned, has moved on..

Nick Sandmann’s No Apologies Given

The onluy time you should be apologizing is that if you feel like you have wronged someone, not if you are trying to keep a job or kiss someone’s feet. Hold your head up high and keep your dignity. Say no to groveling.

More of Dale Carnegie’s Follies

Dale Carnegie meant well but much of his work is dated and doesn’t apply to the modern world. His advice may actually earn you pain now. Learn more inside.

Dates in History: Where We Are Hidden From The Brutal Realities

I was impacted by a seldom told story of a prison riot and how my nightmares pale in comparison to what people across the world have experienced. Read up inside.

The storm is passing through. A new one is around the corner. Be ready for it and continue to have a great life.


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