The History of Sitting Idly By: The Sullivan Act

Our history’s past often highlights where once great men took hold of their lives and were rewarded with the spoils of history. A few would make riches, find themselves into a dynasty. A few would be notable from their own merits. Lives were often hard, and much leeway was given in the direction of a man’s life. People found a way to be happy, even through struggle and toil. But it was on this day 8/31/2020, that I found out my gross mistake.

               If you look at our present-day existence, we have paternalistic government looking after us. (Some of this might be because of overwhelming laziness on most American’s part or idiotic petty bureaucrats scrambling for power but I must get on with this rat killing).  Often we let another set of faceless men feed us and often another imaginary man may shelter us. We mindlessly have someone else do an easy thing like pay “the Uncle his due” before every April. We mindlessly think that another set of strange men can wander our streets and protect our families. This is used as a justification for us to accept something like the Sullivan Act, (of course in New York City).

               Big government seized on the penny ante idea that the government needs to strip you of rights “because you don’t really need a gun, you have police to protect you”. The irony is that this bullshit came along in 1911. Brought along by corrupt assholes that often were the ones creating violence also. But it was okay, you can give up your security for a great bs promise.

               If you fast forward a hundred years plus; political leaders of many stripes don’t want you to have rights. They milk you in forty some odd states for permit fees, (after all, they are doing you a favor by renting your rights back to you). They give you lip service. They pass difficult to understand policies and generally don’t care about your rights, (ask their law enforcement employees about this). You are the monkey that jumps through hoops, your master smiles and pats you on the back for it.

               When you sat idly by in 1911, you got the Sullivan Act. As we sit by now, we will get another Federal Assault Weapons Ban and possibly an actual observation of the Arms Trade Treaty in our lifetimes. But its okay, after all, someone else can live your life for you.

(And for you idiots that believe the idea that the police have a duty to protect you, court cases have proven otherwise. Most LE organizations are just paid armed lackeys of a corporate municipal entity. Think about it, the county has the sherrifs dept. The city has the police or the sherrifs dept. The state has the highway patrol or if you want to be a clown, the state’s highway department has the highway patrol.  But you literally don’t hire these people. You have random assholes that you often don’t know supposedly protecting you.)

 Pulling you over and pissing you off. But its okay, its for you own good.

Yelling at you, cops dont care that much, they cant


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2 Responses to The History of Sitting Idly By: The Sullivan Act

  1. “…we will get another Federal Assault Weapons Ban…”

    Given the candidates and their track records, I foresee being faced with this. no matter which of the two major parties win in November.

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