History Doesn’t Always Give Us The Best Examples

I, like many men, celebrate the great examples from battles past, artwork from sheer genius, and great thoughts from enlightened thinkers. I have no shortage of the “greats”.

               But I have had to step back for a moment, I see a part of myself influenced by the sheer idiocy of our modern times. The best watered-down examples is where we have failed now at we once had done extremely well. I also bring up the fact that we are seeing a revival of failed political concepts as if digging up the bones of losers make a person a victor.

               This is all well and good, but I must warn us that we have terrible examples from the past. We know of the insanity of Russia’s vicious dance with communism. There are many that can be shared with you that show the common man’s folly, I wanted to share two small “observations” for you to study:


There might have been a few exaggerations connected to this but when Britain changed over to Gregorian calendar, there were a few missing days. (11 days went “missing” to be precise). Although many historians debate if there were actual riots over it, I imagine that many people were confused and think that they were “losing” days of their lives.

Many people would say that these people were being ridiculous but in our modern days, we have people beating up and trying to “cancel” someone over usage of the word “niggardly”.

Legend Tells Us That People Hung A Monkey As A Spy

Once again, people don’t hesitate in their ability to impress me with stupidity. It was mentioned that a shipwrecked monkey was hanged by the people of Hartlepool, England. (The monkey was the apparent sole survivor of a sinking French ship in the early 19th century). The monkey was outed as a spy. Another explanation was that it was actually a small boy, (who served as a powder monkey or cannon primer on the ship).

You would argue that people wouldn’t have this mindset in our time, but I would argue that you were mistaken. People have sex with children to try to rid themselves of AIDS in Africa and there are instances of voodoo priests being lynched in Haiti because people believe that they were spreading cholera. (I also didn’t want to bring up the asshats among us that swear by astrological products).

I easily could have stretched this out to 1000 words but I decided to let you get back to your lives. Just remember that history seems to have an unwritten pattern in a eternal loop. The idiocy we see shouldn’t surprise us, it was time for it to swing back around.

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