Waiting For Heads to Blow Up: The Illiberals Among Us

On occasion, I have to remind someone I speak with that we had liberals amongst us that were quasi rational or principled people. It might have been decades ago. We had commonalities with a few of them. We had families and some of the same struggles. A few of us bled together and found a way to tolerate each other. But a large portion of the formerly classical liberals have shit themselves with stupidity.

(I mourn the days of Ted Little, Jim Webb, Keith Judd, JFK, and a few other people that either wanted to serve or actually serve.)

               For some reason, the “liberals” thought that they could get one over by kissing ass on every front so they could get votes. No one wants to speak rationally. No one wants to admit when well-meaning experiments failed. They would rather say one thing to this group, run down the proverbial street, and then say something completely contradictory to another group. This is beyond stupidity.

(Please note the idea that many liberals/Democrats that jazz up women with feminist messages/pitched programs, then speak about how much they love the tenets of Islam *not known as feminist friendly*, then somehow appeal to many Jews, *which doesn’t exactly add up, ask any Jews in areas with majority/growing Islamic populations*). If that doesn’t hurt your head, it should.

               I learned, along time ago, it is beyond what a person can handle. You can not burn down houses and operate as a firefighter, (contrary to what the movie Backdraft was telling you). To do otherwise is its own form of insanity, (please look past insurance fraud, I’m not telling firefighters to get into arson but that is a better movie idea).

               I, unfortunately, had to jump around a bunch today, but it gave me the pause to think of the brutal truth. Outside of following Lenin and Alinsky’s playbook, the illiberals among us will have to either fight or continue their campaign of idiocy. Yes, they may have the opportunity to leave and join reality. I wont be able to hold my breath that long.

               I wanted to share a video that I had seen on YouTube. This is almost a lament that the classical liberals are dying and it also shows holes in their “logic”. (Please note: most of what I hear from illiberals is based not in facts but in emotions).

               (Warning to the classical liberals amongst us, it is time for you to wrestle everything back from your own worst nightmares).

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