FreeMatt in Review: 7-31 to 9-4

The raid on the encampment of the weak will be underway shortly. Get briefed and standby to be deployed. Until then, enjoy this week’s FreeMatt in Review.

The History of Sitting Idly By: The Sullivan Act

History was sliding away your freedoms years ago. I examine NYC’s Sullivan Act and its folly. It is time for you to take a level of responsibility for yourself and your world.

A Tale of Two Cops

I share a story about two local police and my interactions with them. It is a warning to the police that their less public friendly personnel are a disservice to their employer and community.

The Matters w/ Matt: Rhetorical Advice?

I share a story from my life in how I learned a valuable lesson from my father. Years later, I learned that I should fix my own problems and I had the solution all along. Here is to the “sh*t sandwich”.

History Doesn’t Always Give Us The Best Examples

The human race is almost moronic at times. We are doomed to repeat the stupidity of the past. I gave a few examples and want you to realize how stupid we can be. (The unenlightened are among us).

Waiting For Heads to Blow Up: The Illiberals Among Us

Many modern liberals have gotten caught in a loop of insanity of their own making. I have included a video that mentions a portion of this. Logic and rational thinking is going the way of a dodo. “Tha feels” are apparently a complete set of references.

Please enjoy the weekend if you can. For my shift work guys stuck on the grind, bless you and I hope your shift is uneventful.

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