What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About


 Our friend at Barbarian Rhetoric echoes a sentiment that I learned over time: If you are not sorry, don’t say “I’m sorry”.


Robert “The Duke” Fedoruk hooks us up with some knowledge on how we should be more aware of the employment contracts we sign. Know your worth!

                                                             Additional Reading:

Zac at The Family Alpha hooked us up with a piece that rang close to home. He shares about some of his favorite reading material about drinking, that helped him get sober.

Additional Listening:

Nathan at Barbarian Rhetoric was joined by Doug McCoy to talk all things in the mechanic world .


People are trusting folks that operate full time in a contrary world. You shouldn’t trust someone who invites you to a party in a burning house, so why do you trust someone that does something in the polar opposite of what they say?

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