The Last of A Dying Breed

Many times we have heard this saying, quite often it is a person we have been around. I have met a few in my life. I met some “rough ass” people, some old fashion “Louisiana coon ass” folks, and people with codes. The kind of people that saw things go to shit and did their best to fight back. (I felt this way when I came back from overseas and watched people lose their everlasting minds). But I fondly look back at a few people that were the last of a dying breed.

               I saluted my friend “Rico”’s mom. ( Rico, who was a tremendously loyal dude himself, is a product of two great people). She has always been a “ride or die” woman of faith and culture. Beautiful in her years. Mom of many. Damn fine sandwich maker. Many women hate the fact that she looks effortless in beauty and her craft. Yes, I feel like she is one of the last of a dying breed.

               I saluted my buddy “Whirlwind”, who would run barefoot down the road on hot asphalt to keep his word and has a moment when he can spare one. He is always great to those that are a little dirty under their finger nails and if he cant help you, he would find someone that could. Not a lot of bullshit here. A dying breed compared to those that would lie to your face.

               Im not going to spend an hour typing out those that are amongst the best, when others are happy to fail. I would encourage you all to go down swinging, being the last of a dying breed, instead of living among the shitty.

               The inspiration for this post was yesterday’s date in history, September 24, 1877. Which saw the forces containing a dying breed of coded warriors (samurai) fight back against the encroachment of the modern west in Japan. The samurai, in the Satsuma Rebellion, were defeated. Dying for a belief. (The mortally wounded leader of the rebellion, Saigo Takamori reportedly committed seppuku and might have been decapitated by his “second”).

               I would rather stick to what is right than what is convenient. I salute the dying breed.


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