FreeMatt in Review: 9-21 to 9-25

On the opposite side of the world there might be calm when we have chaos, and when those are among conflict, we may have peace. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review.

The Last of A Dying Breed

When you are the last of a dying breed, there is no shame in fighting to the end, especially if you are fighting against those that are not within the best for humanity.

The Matters w/ Matt: Mutually Assured Misery

A woman fails to see the end of a tumultupus relationship and she was still waiting to see if he was coming back to her. Learn from her mistakes in this Matters w/ Matt.

Mind The Gap: Awareness

The idiots among us fail to understand our surroundings and it is often to our detriment. We do this in our lives and our world. Stay aware and don’t fall into a public fountain.

Power of Negotiations: The Left Shoe

We often fail to notice that job offers are a negotiation. It involves two parties and two sets of needs. I give you a few strange tips and I speak of the failures of the hiring authority. Please learn more from the standpoint of a potential hire in this post.

A Professional Soldier’s Toughest Decisions

I waxed poetic about my choice to not drink an honorable discharge away while in the military. I spoke about a hard choice and how my choice was nowhere near as bad as Josef “Sepp” Gangl’s. He had three or so terrible choices and he chose the most moral one. And we owe him for his decision today. Learn more about his dilemma is this piece.

The counter attack was prepared for. Ready the lines and arm the cavalry. Charge after the other side was softened. And as always, have a “good one”.

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