What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About


David F.A. at Barbarian Rhetoric talks about being a man of honor and honoring yourself first.


Mark, an environmental and marine scientist joins the Barbarian Rhetoric family to discuss the “myths people believe about corporations vs environmentalists mentality”.


Additional Reading:

Jerry at Men of Grit finishes up a great trio of pieces with the finale: the stand, the shot, the kill, and many points afterward.

Additional Listening:

I had some issues getting it loaded but I encourage you to catch the latest from Hooks and Runs podcast. The latest is titled “Yes, We Have the Obligatory Ken Coomer Story”. It covers a myriad of sports and music subjects. Humorous and well informed, mixed with two damn fined human beings. Link is below, “grope” around to find the link.



Why would you snitch when there is no benefit? Can you not verbalize without having to find someone else to do your dirty work? And you wonder why folks call you chickensh*ts?

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