Snitches Aren’t Real Until They Hit Home

The arguments have already been presented to me: (1) You shouldn’t be doing anything wrong to begin with. (2) Ratting isn’t wrong because you are doing something wrong. (3) God knows what you are doing.

To me, someone that has never been in legal trouble, I reject them all.

I don’t believe that running your mouth is a good thing. It doesn’t matter if you saw someone do something administrative , (not regarding a crime) or if you got caught trafficking some marching powder.

I had seen it with a few friends or friends’ family members. It wasn’t good and it helped cement my views about being a rat.

I saw the brother of a friend finally get out of jail after a decent multi year stay in our state’s prison system. The brother saw what I thought was a 6-8 year sentence, but most likely served less (3-4 years?). The guy that the brother got arrested with rolled on him, then didn’t serve nearly as much time. Try less than a year. The rumor mill had mentioned that the snitch ended up getting his just desserts. It would have benefited them both to shut up and seek a lawyer first. (Game theory/John Nash level knowledge).

A dear friend that I drank and raised hell with got involved with some assholes after I had been gone for a few years. These not so classy trailer park level degens operated in a marauding band of coke heads. Often finding themselves doing small things for extra money outside of the legal realm. My dear friend admitted to his mistakes after he was finally released from prison. My estimates were that he was being hit for three years of a sentence, served less than a year. (Noted that it was the lower end of crime). The guy that rolled on him was someone I knew from the old life. I surmised that the rat might have never saw any time for his almost identical crimes.

Now for the humorous part of the snitching world; snitching with no benefit. I had a little when I was in middle school but I forgive and laugh now. I had some mistakes myself and I made it up to the person. But what I dealt with lately takes the cake.

I get material for the Matters w/ Matt postings in various places. I get a little practice by giving advice (and reading other people’s questions). On one website, which I must be purposely elusive about, I found myself on the losing end. I often send private messages to people (men) looking for help. I tried to get around the rules of this one specific website and I got caught. But it wasn’t the person running the website that got me, it was one of the people I spoke with. It was an attempted dry snitch. Im not going to go back and threaten the persons who did it. Im walking away instead.

(The person involved is old enough to have learned about when to flap your gums and this person grew up to be an unrepented snitch. They wonder why their lives went to shit. Friends cant trust them and lovers don’t either).

My warning to you is that most people don’t think that a snitch will ever be in their mist. The truth is that they are lurking around the corner, waiting to exploit the saint and sinner both. They aren’t real until they are yours.

Zanna 76 brought us this photo. Zanna isnt a rat


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2 Responses to Snitches Aren’t Real Until They Hit Home

  1. Gunner Q says:

    I heard a story of a Sheriff’s deputy being the guest on a call-in show. A woman called in, said that when people tried to speed on the road that she would get in front of them and slow down, but then some of them would do reckless behavior to get around her and what could she do about that?

    The deputy bit her head off. “It is not your job to enforce the law! It’s my job! Your job is defensive driving! If they want to speed past you then you let them! You do not cause trouble for everybody just because you want to feel smug and self-righteous!”

    Snitching is like that. It’s not your job or responsibility to rat somebody out, especially for personal gain.

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