Fun Idea: Only Friends, the site for guys to make money

The smart men among me don’t outwardly criticize the women on Only Fans. We understand that it is a medium for many women to monetize their beauty and youth, things that they had been doing well for free. Many women on this service make a living for now and many thirsty guys think nothing of it to support them.

               A few people in this world see the problems over the horizon and see how this service may “dis serve” the women in the future. Without using slurs and insults, I wanted to poke fun at the “talent” on Only Fans and their supporters.

               Today I present to you an idea for men to do the same thing as Only Fans but for women. I call my service:

Only Friends

Only Friends serves the needs of women. And I wanted to share a few examples of this service.

Fake Fiancée’: For every time a woman hears a family member complaining “you are getting too old, why aren’t you married yet?” or “where are my grandkids?”, we will supply you with a fake fiancée’ to placate your family member. Your fake fiancée’ will come with a fake background, LinkedIn profile, and handsome photos.

Boyfriend Loaner: When you end up feeling bad as you attend another friend’s wedding and you often don’t have arm candy of your own, feel free to try our Only Friends boyfriend loaner service. Every loaner boyfriend comes with a believable backstory and relationship history to aid you.

Self Esteem Boosting: Your Instagram feed and Facebook timeline might leave you feeling down in comparison to other people’s perceived lives, but our self-esteem service should be able to help. We take pride in supplying pics of the most beautiful of sights and most handsome of guys, just so you can feel better. Our experienced technicians assist you with the best scheduling techniques and photographic skills, so you can spend time being the Yass Queen you really are.

Absentee Lover Service: You find yourself jealous of one of your friends’ military boyfriend that always seems deployed. He seems to be exciting and as low maintenance as you could imagine. Why not get your own? With our absentee lover service, we can supply you with thrilling emails, occasional cute photos, and a few voicemails, you can have your own on/off boyfriend. You wont ever feel guilty if you cheat on them!

Hunk Repair Service: For every time you need a guy to fix something and you don’t like a soft looking man to do it, call our hunk repair service. We will fix and repair things for you. Our payment system is confidential and secure so you can impress your friends by telling them about all the free help you receive!

Now, this is a gold mine for guys. Gentleman can help themselves get out of debt quicker and finally monetize all of the things that they had been doing for free. The sky is the limit.

Judge it on its merits and its optics. Only Friends could be a real game changer.


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5 Responses to Fun Idea: Only Friends, the site for guys to make money

  1. Lexet Blog says:

    I support organized simping but only when it’s for profit.

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  2. Roman says:


    Exactly what we need in the days of social media -> phone addiction -> lack of social skills.

    (Looks for gumroad course on how to be a good absentee lover…)

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  3. quintal says:

    you just gave a million dollar idea to a russian operative


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