Please Don’t Vote: The Anti Voter Drive in 2020

A few dimwitted people among me remember MTV (and various other “cool” media outlets) advertising Rock the Vote trying to inspire younger (18- what have you) aged voters to get out there to vote. There had to have been musicians, rappers, cutesy actresses, and even a non-hip politician would push you to vote.

Fast forward to Oct 2, 2020. Your truly, the magnificent man meat himself, was at the gym hitting some weights. I was in between sets, trying to catch my breath. I stopped and saw the familiar flashing lights coming from the television. I don’t like watching tv and I prefer not having one in the gym. As always, the idiot screen was tuned to my favorite SJW pandering network; ESPN. I usually turn away as soon as I see anything ESPN but this day was different.

I spied a drive to get people to vote but it wasn’t Rock The Vote, it was some other overly emotional ploy to get people to vote. The irony is that I heard something somewhat related on the radio when I stopped to fix my poorly fitting headphones. But both of these commercials gave me an idea for an article.

These commercials are pushing people to vote that I don’t want voting at all. It isn’t a specific age or a race of people. It is stupid, uninformed voters I don’t want voting. It is overly emotional, irrational people that don’t need to show up. The vast majority of these people should fuck off and go get high instead.

I have little faith in my fellow man. They aren’t capable of taking care of themselves and their families. Many lack the intelligence to do the right thing.

It isn’t one party I target. Idiots are everywhere. I had thought about reaching them with a targeted advertising campaign. The billboards would say:

Idiots should vote on November 4th. Everyone else show up on November 3rd.

It might not work but idiots of all types would call our radio stations and beg for the truth. The truth is that I would tell them: Please Don’t Vote 2020.


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