Domestic Tranquility May Not Lie Within Our Military

Struggling with travel and writing; I checked various sources for a story for which I could write about. There were a few faintly interesting stories but nothing that could be riveting, (or at least giving credence to a “libertarian” motif). But I did spy a gem on one of the “On This Day In History” websites:

1857 Mormon pioneer Captain Lot Smith and members of the Utah militia destroy US army supply wagon train in Wyoming during Utah War

I had to dig around and find out more about the Utah War. I had heard from someone I knew about how “the Mormons” scared the US Army. I had seen a fictional reference to it in a television show. But no; I had never read about it.

After seeing a few snippets about skirmishes and strategic maneuvers; I gleamed a lesson from it that applied to the libertarians at heart:

It is folly to count on the military to keep tranquility in your neighborhoods and cities. Yes, many of them are skilled soldiers and professional in demeanor. But it is folly to have someone else do the work of its citizens, (I made the argument that every man in the community could find themselves in this position. It applies to productive citizens of all two genders).

I make this argument about cops and other vital services. (At least have one person who knows what they are doing with a fire extinguisher).

Getting back to the US Army having issues with “the Mormons”, the Mormons should have taught us all a lesson. For the most part, they voluntarily did their best for the defense of their community and their system of beliefs. I don’t know why Baptists, Lutherans, Jews, and one legged midgets don’t do it also.

The military can find itself overwhelmed or in a pickle again. The ability to foment peace may lie within you and the people of your community.

Find out where you and your neighbor can fall in.

Also make note of an overlooked plane crash that happened on this date in 1945:

National Airlines Flight 16 crashed into the water after overshooting the runway in Lakeland, Florida, on October 5, 1945. Two passengers drowned.

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