The Dangers of Your Own Creation: 16 Ft Snake

In my life, I had been blessed that the vast majority of my shenanigans fall flat on their respective faces. I had seen pranks fall flat. I had seen someone chuckle and forget about it a day later. But I had a weird idea and prank fall flat on its face. It took off like wildfire.

               I had popped all of the “Control” keys on our classroom keyboards and placed them upside down, back in their places. (The keys were uniform in size, no damage done). Within several days, I had a quasi-trusted cohort join my side, completing the key switcheroo. No one really noticed and the teacher didn’t seem to care or notice.

               The bad part is when it hit another classroom. Yes, someone outside of the two-man conspiracy started their own movement. The control button went missing from a few keyboards. (I didn’t rat on the person I thought responsible, but I didn’t have enough proof that it was him, I also wasn’t a rat. The guy had a level of respect from me). I told the teacher how it started and my end of it, but I told her my mechanisms. She understood and didn’t hold it against me. I declared a cease fire.

               Not all of the keys made it back in the other classroom. My juvenile creation fell apart. It was a victim of its own success.

I fast forward to modern day. There are plenty of people that buy snakes, thinking it was a great idea to have that creature around. Its cool to feed it rats and hold it on your hand like you are a hillbilly preacher. It is cool to show to your friends. But it grows in size and appetite. Soon enough, you have a 16ft long snake. This snake is your own creation. For the most part, it is a burden, and it becomes your problem.

I want you to look some shitty pipe dream or social movement that you can create, then I want you to think about the consequences of your actions, especially if you are successful. It can change your life. Think about the dangers of your creation.

I know that this isn’t easy but think a few steps ahead in your life. Think beyond you but think about a few folks beyond you.

Don’t become a victim of your own creation.

Courtesy of Luis Ricardo Ignacio

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