You Can Always Find A Way To Lose

We see many trendy young people traversing sidewalks in many cities, protesting whatever cause de jour. I saw a repeat this past year plus of the Occupy protests. I am loathed to joke and say that I saw clones of soy creatures. They do seem to take another form. They appear to wear and look alike. I spied one great example: people wearing those relatively iconic Che Guevara shirts.

               It happened to be that this reflection on repeating faceless people fell on October 8, 2020. October 8th, 1967 was the day that Che Guevara and his revolutionaries were caught in Bolivia. This sparked some memories of mine.

Che Guevara, after his success, moved on fomenting the revolution in Africa, where he limped on after a failure. He boomeranged to Bolivia, where he repeated his losing streak. Bolivia, where he ended up losing his life.

               I am being nice. He failed. He chased an ideal condition after he found early success. He screwed up all sorts.

               There are plenty of lessons he presents if you have your eyes open. He didn’t quit while he was ahead. There was plenty of work for him to do in Cuba. He knew this and he bailed anyway. Fidel Castro and he were on great terms.

               I knew that he was upset by the plight of others in South America, he could have done plenty for them besides engaging in adventurism. He easily could have completed his studies and provided low cost health care combined with his “communist” gospel.

               And one of my favorite and final lessons: take the “W” in the Win/Loss column. He might have won in Cuba but he thought that everyone else had the fight in them too. He gave himself an opportunity to snatch defeat from the hands of victory. You can find a way to lose. It doesn’t matter if it is scaring away a willing partner or gooning your way out of a business deal.

You can always find a way to lose. Take it from Che Guevara, know when you are winning.

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