FreeMatt in Review: 10-5 to 10-9

Sing to yourself when it is raining, drone out the static. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review.

Domestic Tranquility May Not Lie Within Our Military

I make the argument that our military has failed to keep the peace before and that everyday people in a community have the ability to do it better.

The Dangers of Your Own Creation: 16 Ft Snake

I shared a story about how one of my pranks went awry. I, like many people, failed to think two steps aside and try to see what success might bring. (Or how we might fail when we get what we want). Learn more in this post.

The Case For Dueling pt. (x)

I tell people that they shouldn’t hide behind our courts system anymore. I ask for dueling to be brought back. The legal system is a cover for cowardice and for assholes lawyers to make a dime.

You Can Always Find A Way To Lose

Che Guevara loaned us a big lesson: You are more than capable of clutching defeat from the jaws of success. Know when you have won and don’t look for a loss.

The Huge Dangers of Big Threats

Saddam Hussein loans us a huge lesson in that you should think ahead of who you threaten. You need to know what their friends are thinking. Sometimes there can be more than a few sets of knuckles in a fight you are begging for.

Enjoy the quiet when you get it. And as always, have a “good one”.

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