The Story of The Deleted Tweet

A shitty father is a shitty father. We have all seen examples of what terrible fathers there are out there. I have seen a few pop up lately.

I have seen the upper crust do a crappy as a job as the Cletus the Hillybilly has. The elite have really struck me silly these days especially. I think that the crying effeminate men are the worse for their children in these times where children, especially young boys, need someone with a little resiliency A little toughness for when real problems arrive.

I had an itch growing. I saw one of these skill-less assclowns on television. I wanted to give them a piece of my mind. I wanted to tell them how big of a pussy they really are or look like. I fired up the Twitter machine, looking to dogpile on. I even had notes in front of me.

I type them in. Reading them back to me outloud. I felt more than righteous. I knew that I was right. Other people would understand my sentiments.

I aim for the enter key. I read it to myself one more time. I had a weird feeling wash over me. I hit delete. The twitter machine asked me if I wanted to delete it. I deleted the whole thing.

It wasnt a conscience. I know I am right about these entitled assholes. But several things were wrong about it. It just looked like petulant lip service. It served little purpose.

My words werent going to do anything. I cant challenge a nutless coward to a duel. This is someone’s father, even if he is a sissy example of one.

I can better spend my time to reach out to someone that might gain something from a lesson. The elitist chickenshit will die. I can look at someone in my own community to help.

These assholes on tv wont make the nut in the end. I have seen it today. The smart move on to something better. The capable dont hide behind the courts and their soulless masters. The tough of the potent army are above this.

My words wont crush but one day my sword might.

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4 Responses to The Story of The Deleted Tweet

  1. Jack says:

    Sometimes it’s better not to bring more attention to idiocy.

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  2. Jack says:

    Instead of twitting, you could have posted it on your blog for the sake of analysis and discussion.

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