What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About


Brother Anthony “Tony Migs” Migliorino talks about being a credible father. His approach to being a fantastic father is something that we all need to make a note of.


Jon Rennie joins up with John Brubaker to talk about Stadium Status and going beyond it. I enjoyed the video format addition to Jon’s podcast. Very informative.

Additional Reading:

Wintery Knight talks about a subject that interests me greatly that was never taught in school: The crusades and the myths that we are presented with.

Additional Listening:

Eric and Craig at Hooks and Runs talk post season baseball. Although they favor the Dodgers over the Braves, I would never underestimate a team that plays great without fans.


Road rage is not all the rage. Insanity is not a bragging point. Ditch the old fantasies and laugh about your past follies.

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