Be Prepared To Never See The Fruits of Your Victory

I was sitting around yesterday with a few minutes of dead time to squander. I didn’t feel like studying and I had gone through my books like they were nothing. As always, I found myself checking what historical events happened on that day. Notable for October 21st is that in 1805, the Battle of Trafalgar was fought.

It was notable to me in that it was a naval battle. I enjoy reading about the battles I had seen made into paintings. And a famous painting the Battle of Trafalgar did make.

The battle inspired memorials in multiple countries, a famous landmark of sorts, and words of wisdom. Many people received an update in naval warfare tactics after a hero went against the grain to defeat a larger enemy. But a hidden piece of wisdom is something that I found.

Admiral Horatio Nelson, hero and inspirational figure, did not live to see the fruits of his victory. He led men towards the finish line but could not cross.

This was something that stuck with me. I think that people of vision and wisdom are capable of working on something that they never will see the completion of. Never soaking in the rays of bright praise. Being dead years after your framework is used by someone else that wins a Nobel Prize.

I must push you to do what is right even if you may never see the fruits. You should work hard, even your name disappears in time, long after your bones turn to dust.

On top of Admiral Nelson, I wanted to bring up John Kennedy Toole, author of Confederacy of Dunces. His book was published after he took his own life. His family “made bank” after he died. His work is and was remembered.

Make your own mark without regards if you are around for the glory. But be warned, you may not be around for it.


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2 Responses to Be Prepared To Never See The Fruits of Your Victory

  1. Gunner Q says:

    That’s often how I feel with respect to Christianity. If I’ve ever made a big difference, I’ll be the last to know. It will have to suffice that I tried my best with what was given me.

    That’s all that any man can do in times like these.

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