What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About


I took a detour this week. My compadre Rob at Rob Says had an article on October 14 titled Be Gone. Stay Gone. It was an enjoyable piece that hit close to home. When I am done with a romantic relationship; I am done. This has served me well. When you are gone, you stay gone.



Veteran suicides are a real problem. It needs to be said. Zac at The Family Alpha speaks volumes about it.

Additional Reading:

J.M. Shoemaker talks about a sensitive subject of real consequence; low testosterone and low testosterone levels.

This article is available on Barbarian Rhetoric’s website under the Articles section. You may have to search for it.


Additional Listening:

Our guy at Barbarian Rhetoric, Steel Janz, hits you with deep wisdom. He shares with us great words from someone with vision. “Do You Know Your Final Death Song?”

You can find this podcast at Barbarian Rhetoric’s website under the Podcasts section.


Find a way to come home. You may have to build one. Do not become heavy of heart. It might take you the rest of your life but it is the journey that you are prescribed.


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