Fight Until You Hear The Bell

In one of the “duh” mentions is the advice that my wrestling coach gave to me when I was a varsity heavyweight wrestler. My coach was never the type of person to tell an athlete to try to muscle someone down. Coach believed in speed, skill, and finesse. It was worthwhile advice for myself and a few other gentleman that were never the first round draft pick sportsmen. My coach also was a proponent of wrestling until after you heard the whistle. (Our sport was dependent on both timekeepers and referees. Wiggle room was somewhere between available and out of reach).

In boxing, you are instructed to keep at it until the bell. Dropping your hands can find you not being “saved by the bell”. Many sports adopt a derivative of this idea. And today, I made the argument that war among many conflicts have proven this to be true also.

Don’t stop fighting until it’s the right time.

Looking back to my historical examples, the Battle of Keresztes came to mind. The Ottoman Turks led by Sultan Mehmed III defeated the multi-kingdom composed forces led by Maximillian III. The battle itself had seen Maximillian’s side eyeing a victory after defending trenches and driving the Turks back. The decision was made by the Turk’s advisers to stay with the fight. Without hearing a proverbial bell, many of Maximillian’s forces stop to loot. These forces were surprised to see support personnel from the opposing army attack them with what was handy, mostly untraditional weaponry. Maximillian’s forces panicked and the Turks were invigorated to eventually route the other side.

A man can make the argument that they didn’t “hear no trumpet” or see the other side suing for peace. There was no call for mercy or request for parlay, (or other appropriate communication).

I find this to be a worthy set of metaphors. In life, in regard to the battles for society and the future of control.

I wanted to leave you with this video. Note one of the best references that Mick gave us from the much maligned Rocky V movie:

I didn’t hear no bell! (1:08 mark)

Get up ya sonuvabitch…remember, the Mick loves ya!


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