Most Rooms Are Escape Rooms

Somewhere between advertisements and news events, my attention was drawn to escape rooms. I see the reviews for them and a few pictures online present bright-eyed people enjoying them. I pondered, at one time, checking out one of these places. Of course, I soon looked past the trendy things of our day for something a little more concrete. But something stuck in the square crevice of the back part of my brain; the escape room is a largely pointless concept to me.

               We may not have to solve puzzles to get out of a room. There are weak spots in door locks and hinges. False ceilings are a soft separation between a room and a hallway. Many contractors could be counted on to cut corners and create places on engineering weakness.

               Stupid television has actually aided real life people in their pursuits to break out or break in. We saw prisoners in Alcatraz disappear off of an island. Although fictional, the prisoners of Fox River exploited engineering ideas and old facilities to escape to “freedom”. Yes, in my lifetime, a few prisoners made crude tools bordering on monkey like to hasten their escape.

               I even had to throw out a mention for Burn Notice, specifically the episode Bad Break (2nd Season, 13th Episode). Michael Weston and Jason Bly get held captive as bank robbers hit a bank. Michael instructs a fellow captive to cut through dry wall to another room. Many people don’t realize that dry wall isn’t the obstacle that many think it is. Drywall is capable of being cut and it turns into a strange substance when continuous sprayed with water.

               I would rather shim a lock or throw a work boot through a non-reinforced door instead of solving a math problem. Life already gave me a math problem: what is the necessary force needed to do (x) through (y) material. I do this everywhere I go. I look at exits and secondary exits. I notice tools and “engineering aides”. I look for cracks in bricks and supports. I look for buckling. I count electrical outlets.

               It isn’t insanity. It is survival. Every room is an escape room. It doesn’t matter if it is a vault or an office building.


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