Manhole Swimming, Elevator Shaft Genocide, and Fountain Drownings

CBS News had reported that an elevator accident took the life of a 38-year-old lecturer at Boston University. The story was unfortunate. An elevator in operation caused a death. But the biggest takeaway was not some accusation of neglect or someone with ulterior motives. The biggest takeaway was that we are still responsible for keeping ourselves alive.

It seems a little pithy, but I do mean this. No government, contrary to popular belief, can stop people from killing themselves. In the past, we have seen sad sights like people walking into open manholes while texting. I also remember seeing security footage of a lady who walked into a fountain at a mall. (I wasn’t sure if she drowned or not but it made for a sight).

Technology has been a gift in our lives. It has helped surgeons make surgery less invasive. It has helped family see each other when traveling has been made tedious. It has helped create new jobs that science fiction writers could never have dreamed of in the 1950’s. I, for one, have loved technology.

But technology doesn’t erase your responsibility to keep yourselves alive. It doesn’t matter if you are operating a car, shaving, or cooking a meal. This isn’t me being inhumane. This is me being real. It is up to you to know how to use a phone safely, walk into a elevator safely, and shave your face without bleeding to death.

This is the cost of living free. Stay alive. Don’t let your idiocy hurt my life. I want to have good gas cans, flamethrowers, and straight razors.

(Special thanks to our friends at Lazarus Razors )

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