The Supreme Idiocy of Supreme Court FanBoyism

It has taken me long enough to tell you how stupid people really are when it comes to all things Supreme Court. That’s right, no patent FreeMatt lead out. No cotillion level fluff or soft openings. Many of you are stupid when it comes to the Supreme Court.

You act like “your President’s” pick matters. (And many of you believe this because the news outlets make a big deal out of this). You “gamble” and put some emotional investment into this one supposedly magical person that can change our broken world. We are always two steps away from oblivion and that one case that this “dress wearing” lawyer will preside over will make the proverbial nut.

Plenty of my readers will challenge me and say that their side’s pick is different. So and so was too liberal/conservative. We need balance. Many of the myriad of excuses could be combined to mirror the sing-songy introduction of the television show Quantum Leap:

Trapped in the past, John Q. American finds himself leaping from judge to judge, hoping to put things right, that once went wrong and hoping each time, that his next judge will be the court case home.

But the reality is that your faith is misplaced. These are glorified lawyers. They don’t owe anyone anything. It isn’t an “a or b” linear decision. They can disappoint everyone and f*ck plenty of people. The cases can fall apart because of other stupid lawyers and morons backed up by their industry organization with government lobbying power; The G.D. Bar Association. (If you don’t believe me, look into Kelo v. City of New London). You pay them out of your pocket or you use tax money, or both for this shit.

It doesn’t matter if it is Amy Coney Barrett or RBG. You are putting your energy into someone that doesn’t care about you. You already screwed up. You let other people run your life. You let politicians give you “free shit”, cops “protect” you, and you watch your rights flush down the toilet. Don’t be surprised that these f*cks don’t care about you. They don’t have to. It isn’t their job.

Its too late. You had a chance. But be warned, your fanboyism won’t spare you from losing your house and getting shot by (x) governmental organization’s armed goons. But if it makes you feel warm at night…

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