When The Anchor Cuts You Loose

Rich Cooper from the Entrepreneurs in Cars YouTube channel mentioned (BTT #77 – Identifying Sails & Anchors in Your Life) that we have “anchors and sails” in our lives. I paraphrase that Rich was getting at the fact that there are people/things that help push us along to greater things (sails) and we have people/things that hold us back (anchors). Rich, among other people, have mentioned that you often have to cut anchors in your life loose. I happen to agree with him, but the irony is that you might have the anchor cut you loose.

The episode I was mentioning rang a little close to home. The vast majority of it had to do with my time in the Navy. We were anchored just outside of a port in Chile. We had snapped our mooring lines and had to go out to anchor instead. I was on anchor watch, making sure we weren’t starting to drag the anchor and heading out to sea. Before we left, we were pulling up our anchor. Not unusual but our anchor got fouled on another ship’s anchor that was abandoned in the anchorage. This event didn’t mean much to me then but holds wait now.

The anchor almost kept us in port. Yes, we would get drunk and enjoy better food…but we wouldn’t meet our goals and possibly find the better ports of call ahead of us. I have had people in my life like this too. The dude that never stopped drinking “in the ditch”, who wasted his time on trivial things. I had shitty co-workers “that couldn’t do any better”. I also had several jobs that kept me from taking productive risks, (like a port that you never wanted to leave).

The irony is that many of those anchors in my life left me. The job. The ex-con friend. The burn outs. My loss helped light a fire under my ass. I fired up my proverbial gas turbine engines and got on my way. I’m getting closer to my objective.

I encourage you to do what Rich said, find the sails and cast off the anchors. Your ship (life) needs to get underway. You need to get somewhere and not stick around with what holds you back.

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