FreeMatt in Review: 11-16 to 11-20

There may be more sun than darkness and it may be the reverse. Things do change. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review.

Can We Hold Off On This?

I take a departure from the normal to ask you to re-think your actions. Very few things are that pressing. Ask yourself, can we hold off on this?

Another Battle Another Chance At Peace

Two big things: Take advantage of the change of conditions, proverbial or not. Also, may your conflicts be in pursuit of peace and purpose. Read more in this posting.

The Matters w/ Matt: My Startless Love

A woman wonders why her daughter hasn’t heard an audible love from a loved one. The Matters w/ Matt sets her straight.

Morons Who Count For A Living Can’t Be Counted On

Some economists have a purpose and do decent things, (H/T to Bunk Strutts @ But plenty are a waste of air, like the one I speak about in this less than stellar posting.

The Religious On “Religion”

It took deep thought to figure out my own thoughts in regard to my religion. I had to think on what it took to be a practitioner and what it meant to me. Learn more in this brief piece.

Don’t listen to the elites that do one thing and ask another from you. Be the moral voice in another’s life, ignore those that lead you astray. And as always, have a “good one”.

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