Another Case For Arson: The Local Food Bank

There is a good chance that you want a reason to flip your lid over this title, I won’t give it to you today. There are people that have difficulty affording a decent meal on most days and Thanksgiving is one of them. But there are some terrible things that get in the way of feeding these people. Some of these terrible things are food banks.

Yes, you heard me correctly, food banks. In most communities, food banks are organizations that collect food and donations to distribute among those less fortunate. But they often fail big time.

It isn’t when they run out of food or let their director take their spouse out for a steak dinner, it is when they get involved with the political process that creates the failures.

I have seen it personally. Food bank organizations helping push anti-panhandling ordinances. Food banks behind the city hall’s push to prohibit meal giveaways on the street. Food banks complaining that individuals are hurting their efforts, (and pushing the local government to stop families/individuals from feeding the homeless).

The irony is that many non-profits and food banks act as they are defacto owners of these homeless populations. (Create a drinking game based on every time I have heard anyone use the term “our homeless” around the holidays). It is often the church with the largest reach or often a multi-congregational effort behind this stuff. (I had a run in with a church that ran a homeless shelter and many of their congregants patted themselves on the back for it).

I often want to ask these food banks and people if they think they are helping the needy or helping themselves by virtue signaling.

I am starting to believe that these people want to take my right to help other people away, for some semblance of power. Power can corrupt those with good intentions.

Anyone who wants to politicize feeding the hungry should face the wrath of the free populace. For this, I make the case for burning down the food bank.


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9 Responses to Another Case For Arson: The Local Food Bank

  1. Eric Hoffer — ‘Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and turns into a racket.’

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  2. porngirl3 says:

    That’s horrendous, but unfortunately absolutely believable.


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  7. The question I always ask is : Do you want to do good? Or do you want this good thing [ x ] to happen?

    Thanks for the reminder.

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