FreeMatt in Review: 11-23 to 11-27

To quote Bruce Dickinson; your time will come. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review.

You Can’t Win Them All Over, But You Can Be Better For Them

I share a tale about how everyone I worked with seem to “gel” with a fellow co-worker but that co-worker doesn’t like me. I can choose to be a good person anyway.

The Church of The Secular Tyrant

We let politicians wreak havoc in our lives. Even worse, many of us have let them become gods in our eyes. Their church is The Church of The Secular Tyrant. Read more about it in this posting.

The Matters w/ Matt: In The Unfamily Way

A single mom struggles with paying the bills, but there is more than money missing. The Matters sets her straight.

A Satanist, A Baptist, and A Lutheran: Thankful For Something

This was a short lesson that I learned in life that three “religious” people gave me. Learn more in this posting and have some water on me.

Another Case For Arson: The Local Food Bank

Your food bank might be failing the hungry at the cost of maintaining power. Please learn why in this sad posting.

Be mindful. This virus should teach you something that you should have learned with the regular flu and cold: Be a good neighbor and be considerate of others. And as always, have a “good one”.


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