What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About


Charles Sledge, someone that helped light a fire under my carcass, shares with us an amazing reminder about our nature.


Chance Lunceford at the Logocentrifugal Podcast shares with us a different look at a musical classic. Some would dare to call it a parody, I call it “genius”. Follow the first link and look on the sidebar for “Beyond Redemption Song”.


Additional Reading:

Jerry @ Men of Integrity blog tells men that confidence is something that we should foster in ourselves and he lends us four ways to boost it.

Additional Listening:

Quintus Curtius, a deep man for many, helps a young man in law enforcement understand his quiet nature. He reminds us that it is okay to not be the clown and it is wrong to become artificial. Learn more in this video.


Acting as someone else does in contradiction of what you really are, is ridiculous. I suggest that you never be the clown unless you are a natural clown. Never be the mute when you can sing. Love when you aren’t great at hating.


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