FreeMatt in Review: 11-30 to 12-4

There is a wreck; don’t look and keep driving. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review

Prison Escapes

I gave everyone a time out from moral discussions and history to talk about prison escapes. That and a joke about “Literally Peterson”.

The Unfortunate FreeMatt Clickbait Extravaganza: Not Transgender News

Motorhead and their classic Orgasmatron taught me that I can write about something other than transgender news.

The Matters w/ Matt: Punching the Equal Man In the Balls

A single mom struggles with paying the bills, but there is more than money missing. The Matters sets her straight.

When You Depend On The Government: Religion

To depend on the government to defend your religion is madness; it is your job.

Help A Man Decide: My Gift To The Next Generation of Men

Making a decision and having boundaries are a gift to the next generation. I give a system for an example. It helped fire up a discussion among a few of my readers and an outside source.

Don’t try to sound like something you are not, unless you really are. Feel free to make a stab at it. Make hypocritical and ironic statements. And as always, have a “good one”.

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